How to Get Started on YouTube for Business

2013, Year of the video and you as a small business should be using YouTube as part of your visual marketing strategy.

Watch this short video to find out how to get started.

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7 Reason you as a small business should be on YouTube



Increase your ‘searchability’ factor

Google owns YouTube.  Having a video on YouTube…

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Resizing Photographs for Twitter

Photo too large please re size and upload again!

Have you had this problem when trying to upload…

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How to put a video on your LinkedIn profile Most LinkedIn profiles that you are connected to have 1…

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Video Buzz 2012 (by Paula Hemmings)

Only 20% of visitors to your website will read the text on your site

80% will watch a video.

Visual Buzz can help you create that video that will turn browsers into buyers.



Business owners deserve a Christmas party too!

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(by paulahemms79)


It seems like forever and a day since I have last written a blog, but this summer I decided to take some time out with my son before he started school in September.

How was your summer? I would love to hear about you and what you were you got up to. Did you even have a break? Go abroad or had a bit of a staycation like me?

My staycation consisted of trips to museums, parks & swimming pools etc which was really cool.

But I must admit that it is great to get back into the normal routine of the working life without trying to keep a child occupied and amused at the same time.

This photo sums up the summer fun I had with Mr K, it was taken on my iphone 4 on a sunny day out on the Southbank.

Paula x

P.S for those who don’t know a staycation is a holiday when you stay in your home country rather than go abroad.


The Olympic torch came to Thornton Heath & South Norwood on Monday 23rd July. It was very exciting and I it really got me into the Olympic sprit.

Here are a few of the photos from the day. I managed to see 3 different torch bearers, it was great to be part of something so amazing.


I had some good news this week…… My photos are going to be in a magazine!!! I’m so pleased! My client Coral Turner designs have been featured in the magazine. The photos were taken almost a year ago after a chance meeting with Coral at a marketing workshop. (as mentioned 2 blogs ago)

As you can imagine we are both overjoyed to have our work being displayed nationwide.

My photos are the ones on the right hand page.

I’m sure this will be the first of many!